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   In January of 2018, we had our third daughter, Ivy Rose. She was born with Trisomy 13, and we only had her for one amazing day. 

   It's very easy to lose your joy and purpose when you are forced to grieve for a child you loved and wanted so badly. 

   Even though our time with her was so short, she made me better and she inspired me to invest more in others. She was the sweetest baby ever born, and she touched so many lives in her time here on earth. 

   I designed this line of clothing to keep her memory alive and to create a purpose for myself to keep moving forward. We would not have made it through this time without the help of family, friends and many people who didn't even know us at all. I will never be able to repay everyone for all that was done for us. 

   Part of the proceeds from every collection will go to various charities/nonprofits that are designated to helping children. In this first campaign, I will be donating to The Children's Advocacy Center


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